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Software Development

Software Development

Bespoke software development allows your unique business needs to be fully realised. Improve visibility, reporting, collaboration, automation and more for greater profitability.

Software Development

Bespoke Business Software

Are you having to compromise the way you work by using off-the-shelf software?

If so, this is ultimately hampering the growth of your business. With bespoke software you can gain functionality that allows you to exploit new business opportunities, and operate more efficiently and systematically. From reducing risk, increasing visibility and reporting, to dealing with volumes or complexity beyond the capability of off-the-shelf software, bespoke software provides the solution for your unique business needs. This allows you to directly address your strategic goals.

Legacy System Support

Is your legacy system costing too much to maintain? Are you facing an uncertain future with your current supplier?

To prolong the lifespan of existing bespoke systems, we can provide maintenance or make affordable modifications in order to meet your changing business needs. By partnering with Rio, you can minimise risk and potentially increase ROI from your original investment. We support a variety of languages: SQL Server, Javascript, ASP.NET, Objective-C, Apple Swift, HTML/CSS, MariaDB, .NET

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Web browser-based and Mobile Apps

Are you struggling to communicate with your customers, suppliers and field staff?

If so, web apps and mobile apps can provide benefits such as working offline, ease of deployment, and providing functionality on-the-go. It may be that just one, or both working in unison, can remove barriers to your productivity. This could allow your staff to perform their roles more easily, and have access to the tools and information they need, when and where they need it. Creating apps for your customers can have a massive impact on your business as well. This can range from improving brand engagement, which may result in higher customer retention, to making it easier to do business with you, increasing sales. Providing self-service apps that allow your customers to update their details, and change service plans, gives them a hassle and delay-free experience, and reduces costs for you, as no action is required on your part.

Process management

Losing track? Too many spreadsheets? Too much interdependence on manual tasks/people?

We typically discover businesses wasting thousands of pounds worth of time. Even a minimum wage employee costs your business around £25,000 per year, so it’s critical they aren’t doing work that your IT system can be doing, or duplicating the efforts of their colleagues. We look at your ways of working, speaking to the people performing the roles, and find the biggest pain points for each individual person, as well as discussing strategic direction with stakeholders. Growing a business department around a system is much easier than growing it around multiple people – this becomes possible when introducing structure, automation, control and reporting to enable staff to do more.

System Integration

Struggling with cumbersome, annoying tasks? This is typical when you have pieces of software that don’t ‘talk’ to each other.

System integration essentially means making software transfer data between each other. For example, this could be making a bespoke system work with an off-the-shelf piece of finance software. Instead of having a human end up as the ‘interface’ between the two – manually entering data, exporting and reimporting, copy and pasting – both pieces of software can allow you to access and manipulate the data you need to get to. This means no more risk of errors through manual processes and a much more efficient and enjoyable way of working.
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